benjamin thigpen



-————————————— Solo CDs —————————————-
human for scale

divide by zero


brief candle

Label: Sub Rosa
New Series Framework #7
SR 317


“... a secret light that came from the black... a light transmuted from blackness... another realm, another mental state...”

                – Pierre Soulages
                 “Du noir à l'outrenoir”

human for scale

human for scale


above the grayblack wastes.
A tree-
high thought
grasps the light-tone: there are
still songs to sing beyond

– Paul Celan


not even the rain

Label: EMF Media
CD 152

——————————— Compilation CDs ———————————
Unsafe Sonic Art

Unsafe Sonic Art


“Sound works that take risks – artistically, aesthetically, philosohpicaly, sonically, even physically. Works that should carry a health worning, that ignore safety margins, that lie outside the comfort zone...”


nous n'avons qu'un espoir au monde

Label: Noctilucent

Musica Nova 2006

Musica Nova 2006 – Finalists


Finalists of the International Electroacoustic Music Competition
Musica Nova 2006



Label: Society for Electroacoustic Music of Czech Republic
Format MP3

60 X 60

60 x 60


“60X60 is a concert containing 60 compositions from 60 different composers, each composition is 60 seconds or less in duration. These 60 recorded pieces are performned in an hour long continuous concert.

The project presents a cross-section of contemporary music, including the various styles, aesthetics and techniques being used by the composers of today. 60X60 is a circle of sound, 60 pieces representing a slice of the contemporary music scene.”


nous n'avons qu'un espoir au monde

Label: Capstone Records

Empty Nightclub

sounds recorded for an empty nightclub


”The decor of a nightclub is composed to reflect, refract and displace multicolored light and loud music in the construction of a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. The nightclub as reflected surface (with loud music) becomes a very different experience when the house lights are raised.

HOST artists group have invited artists to produce sound pieces for the alien environment of a nightclub with the house lights switched on.”


step,under (excerpt)

Label: Host Artists Group
Limited edition


Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Vol. 1

  “The Florida Electroacoustic Music Frestival (FEMF) began as a way for composers from the University of Florida, and those invited to attend, to share their music with one another. Over the course of eleven years the three-day festival each spring has grown to encompass some ten concerts, as well as paper presentations and lectures.

This first volume is a retrospective of the first nine years of the FEMF in honor of the festival's 10th anniversary.”


Label: EMF Media
CD 131

Presence II

Presence II

A compilation of electroacoustic works  
    “Benjamin Thigpen's step, under... Nauseating, wobbling, winding superstringy sounds, like the ones you might encounter if you bang your pot while moving it around and around with some water at the bottom of it, spread out in a spiral around your listening, and it is very beautiful. Reminds me a little of some recordings by Alvin Lucier or another recording I've heard of telegraph wires in Australia. It is very sad that the excerpt is so short. I'd pay some money to hear the whole piece, and I wouldn't mind having this sound throughout a full-length CD.”

                                                        – Ingvar Loco Nordin
step,under (excerpt)  
Label: PeP
PeP 002
Musica Nova 1998

Musica Nova 1998


Pieces awarded prizes and mentions in the International Electroacoustic Music Competition, Musica Nova 1998.

Marta Jirackova, Pura sub nocte
Francis Dhomont, Avat Ars Son
Benjamin Thigpen, dust
Robert Normandeau, Figures de rhétorique
Scott L. Miller, Dies Sanctificatus
Rose Dodd, Excess Pitch
Katerina Ruzickova, Mezisvei



Label: Society for Electroacoustic Music of Czech Republic


Acousmatica :
Deuxièmes rencontres de jeunes compositeurs
de musique acousmatique

  Bruno Boccca, Faux mouvement
Stephan Dunkelman, Signallures
Kemal Günüç, Touch the headache of the outside of my inside
Francis Larvor, C'est cassé à l'intérieur
Pete Stollery, Shioum
Benjamin Thigpen. h


Label: Acousmatica
CD 1296
Distributed by Metamkine